Cemetery: Chase Vault

Chase Vault in Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados

Location: Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados
Built: Unknown
Status: Still standing


The Chase Vault is considered one of the world’s most mysterious locations, known for having coffins moving when no one can even access them and the vault is so strongly sealed. During the 19th century, whenever it was opened for the burial of a family member, it was discovered that the coffins changed positions from the last opening of the vault.

The story was first published in Transatlantic Sketches by Ames Edward Alexander in 1833. The story stated that it happened during several different burials. Some of the burials at the vault included Mrs. Goddard in 1807, Ann Maria Chase in 1808, and Dorcas Chase in 1812. In late 1812, the vault had been opened to bury Thomas Chase, all of the coffins were out of place. It happened again when they went to bury a baby. This odd occurrence also happened for burials in 1816 and 1819.