Insane Asylum: Hillcrest Sanitarium

Hillcrest Sanitarium in Howell, Michigan

Location: Howell, Michigan, USA
Built: Unknown
Operation Time: ? – 2004
Type: Not Kirkbride Plan
Status: Mostly demolished


The remains of the Hillcrest Sanitarium (possibly Sanatorium) lie several miles outside the Howell city limits. The building was originally used as an insane asylum, but it became a tuberculosis hospital in its later years. There have been many sightings of ghost children on site.

Now, the hospital ands its tunnels have been torn down, but a few of its buildings remain. Mysterious lights and noises have occurred on the site even after the demolition of the place. Homes are currently being built on where the tunnels used to be, and it is assumed that the houses will be haunted by the spirits who used to inhabit the hospital.

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12 thoughts on “Insane Asylum: Hillcrest Sanitarium

  1. Sure hope the owners of the new houses won’t mind some ghosts in their house… :/


  2. Wow, the description — referencing TB and the tunnel — sounds like a basis for the fictional hospital in American Horror Story (season 2). Sad and depressing to know such a place existed. Though not surprising.


  3. Facts are wrong! The hospital was open in 1907 as a TB facility. In the 1950s it began to accept developmentally disabled patients. The hospital was closed on 1982 due to lack of state funding and torn down in 1985. Some outer buildings and tunnels still remain. Houses are being built on the site.


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